Seize The Day - Racing - 2014

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VLN #8 - the race that never happened


RPR Racing was more than ready, but the Eifel fog never cleared.


13 September 2014



Weather tactics and bad luck dominated RPR Racing's VLN #7 result


Another roller coaster race - the VLN 6h had it all.


23 August 2014



RPR Racing strategy brings success in a challenging VLN #5


Typical Eifel weather conditions is no concern for Einstein's experienced drivers.


5 July 2014



Ring 24 2014 - The Longest Day - Part 2


HH survives the gruelling 24hr race and “death by 1,000 cuts” to secure a finish.


22 June 2014



Ring 24 2014 - The Longest Day - Part 1


HH survives a horrible 24hr pre-race accident and the Team secures a grid position.


21 June 2014



Another strong finish in RCN for RPR Racing


Torgeir Hole starts his Ring racing career with a 2nd in class in Einstein.


20 June 2014



RPR Hungry Hornet is ready for the 24hr in her beautiful new colour scheme


RPR heads for the Nürburgring.


16 June 2014



RPR bolster their driver line up for the legendary N24hr race


Torsten Kratz joins the team driving Hungry Hornet for the Nürburgring 24hr race.


14 June 2014



RPR Racing gets noticed in RCN


Another Cup for Ole Petersen and the Hungry Hornet in RCN 3.


25 May 2014



VLN 4 a great step forward for RPR Racing


With the team pretty much back to full health, Einstein ran strongly to 6th in

class; and Tom Daub joins us as team manager. MC has his 15 mins of fame

in the drivers’ briefing.


18 May 2014



RPR confirmed for the Nürburgring 24hr in HH


HH? Hungry Hornet! RPR-Racing's V3 class Renault Clio.


14 May 2014



Einstein's debut marred by accidents and bad luck


Bad luck in qualifying and an extra stop after Einstein was hit by an overtaker under double yellow meant RPR Racing ended as last finisher on P11 in the CUP1 class at VLN#3.


26 April 2014



RPR Racing to start VLN 3 with Einstein


With the repairs to Lightning MEC Queen still not completed, RPR Racing will start VLN 3 with a new car that they have named Einstein, another reference to the Carpe Diem drivers’ initials, with a little twist: E=MC2.


23 April 2014



VLN #2 ends with ... the end of Lightning MEC Queen :-(


RPR Racing and the Carpe Diem Drivers live up to expectations from VLN #1, until disaster strikes in the shape of a GT3 Aston in the penultimate lap!


12 April 2014



We are N24 qualified and have an RCN trophy winner!


RPR Racing have bigger 2014 plans than the VLN-based Opel Astra OPC Cup; V3-class "Hungry Hornet" will set the pace in RCN, VLN and Nurburgring 24 Hours!


6 April 2014



VLN #1 ends with podium finish!


5th in class was a towering achievement for the Carpe Diem Racing Drivers and the RPR Racing Team in their first race of the VLN Opel Astra Cup.


29 March 2014



RPR Racing featured by Sport Auto!


The VLN Test and Setup weekend, 21-22 March 2014, was the first opportunity for Team, Drivers and MEC to experience together the most challenging race track in the world, the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Bottom line: Success - from puzzled and intimidated to confident and fast!


22 March 2014



Name and pictures released!


RPR Racing's Opel Astra OPC Cup has been given a name and the first pictures of the car in RPR Racing colours have been released.


19 March 2014



Carpe Diem Racing now on Twitter!


Carpe Diem Racing has just also become @CD_Racing - another way to keep in touch.


15 March 2014


We are maybe not the hottest Twitter account on earth, but tune in and hopefully you'll find our tweets both relevant and interesting :-).

RPR racing goes high-tech on the pit wall


RPR Racing will have one of the most advanced pit wall boxes at VLN.


2 March 2014



New RPR race truck arrives


RPR Racing has just taken delivery of their new race truck.


28 February 2014



Ice Drive Sweden


Carpe Diem Racing drivers sharpened their car handling skills during a long weekend in Sweden.


26 February 2014




Carpe Diem Racing web site goes live


Proud to present a brand new web site.


18 February 2014


RPR Racing's VLN #6 podium challenge stranded with hopeless tyres


A roller coaster race included brilliant catch up racing with personal best and deepest frustration over useless tyres.


2 August 2014



VLN #9 - The Crok is back!


RPR Racing brings back their SP6 Cayman "The Crok" for the core drivers and gives a new driver team the opportunity to get a feel for Einstein.


11 October 2014